ВНИМАНИЕ!!! В 2017 году Выставка проводиться не будет!

Accounting and Audit exhibition

The TWENTIETH SPECIALIZED EXHIBITION «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit 2014» will take place on January, 21-24, 2014, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

Accounting and Audit exhibition, EXHIBITION  «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit» is a well-known brand in business circles of Russia's financial market.

EXHIBITION  «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit» is more than 100 participants holding leading positions in the market of information, financial, consulting, and audit services and having impeccable business reputation.

EXHIBITION  «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit» is more than 9 thousands visitors among which there are
* more than 5 thousand financial directors and chief accountants:
* more than 2,5 thousand directors and middle managers;
* more than a thousand visitors coming to Moscow from other regions of Russia, from Belarus, Moldova, Baltic States, and Ukraine.

EXHIBITION  «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit» is also a scientific conference with workshops and round tables covering problems of accounting, tax optimization, efficient cost cutout, personnel files management, promotion of information technologies.

EXHIBITION  «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit» is consultations of top-rank experts from profile ministries, leading auditor companies, and professional associations on various aspects of accounting, taxation, and personnel management.

EXHIBITION  «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit» is information support in 70 dedicated edition.

Participation in the EXHIBITION  «Buhgaltersky uchet & audit» is a strategically important way for a company to maintain loyal customers and improve sales level.